Colorado Businesses Need Multi-Factor Authentication

With the constant rise in technology, businesses everywhere are trying their best to stay ahead of the game. The recent advancements in technology have been impressive to say the least, increasing efficiency and productivity. But with these benefits, there is also a rise in cyber attacks. That being said, staying secure on the web is now more vital than ever. And given that our computers and other devices are jam-packed with important confidential information, getting the protection you need is essential for the life of your business. 

One way that businesses are stepping up their security game is through multi-factor authentication. In this post, we’ll discuss what multi-factor authentication is, the benefits of using it, how to use it with what you already have, and the benefits of working with a managed IT provider to mitigate IT risks.

What is Multi-Factor Authentication?

At any given moment, people are logging into a website or gaining access to something on a computer. Have you ever noticed the steps you have to go through to gain access? If you ever had to go through another step after entering your username and password, then you’ve witnessed multi-factor authentication (MFA). This type of authentication is a security system that requires multiple authentication methods. Using different categories of credentials, it can verify one’s identity in order to login or access something on a computer or other device.


There are many benefits to adding this type of technology into the workplace or for your personal needs. The two primary benefits are added security and a simplified login process.

Added Security

In this day and age, hackers are smarter and better equipped than before. And with the vast amount of confidential data out there, these criminals are doing whatever it takes to get their hands on this information. With multi-factor authentication, the main benefit is added security. A key point to remember about this type of security is that it requires separate, independent factors for login purposes. This usually involves something you have, like the phone or computer you’re on, and something you know, like a password. This makes it harder for hackers to enter your system, especially from far away places.

Simplified Login Process

While you may think that this authentication process involves a lengthy login requirement, the opposite is true. This sophisticated type of security gathers credentials on its own, like what computer you’re using, and some MFA programs just need you to enter your password for access. This single sign-on method means you only have to login once to access all of your apps that are covered in the single sign-on software.

Can It Be Used With Your Existing Apps?

Multi-factor authentication can be utilized with all of your apps and online accounts. An experienced IT company can provide this added layer of security to ensure your important information stays safe.

Integritek is Here to Help

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