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Integritek Team

Managed IT Company - Integritek

Chief Executive Officer (Ward Ault)

As the CEO, Ward is passionate about helping simplify technology for local business within our communities. He is a people-first leader who enjoys building relationships and helping those around him reach their full potential.

Prior to leading Integritek, Ward was a Vice President and Chief of Staff at Axon, a public safety technology company, and as an investment banker at Morgan Stanley. He also served as an infantry and reconnaissance officer in the Marines where he conducted counterinsurgency operations in Afghanistan and foreign military training in Brazil.

Ward is a graduate of the Naval Academy and Harvard Business School. Away from work, he enjoys exploring the outdoors, reading sci-fi and fantasy novels, and spending time with his family.

Managed IT Company - Integritek

President (Ross Meglathery)

As Integritek’s President, Ross is focused on connecting companies with our team of experts and providing peace of mind that their technology is in good hands.

Prior to Integritek, Ross was a Vice President at Berlitz, where he led its Public Sector practice, headed a veterans service organization, and worked as a consultant. Ross also served as an artillery officer in the Marines where he conducted combat operations in Iraq. Today, he continues to serve as a colonel in the Marine Corps Reserve.

Ross is a graduate of Trinity College, Harvard Kennedy School, and UVA’s Darden School of Business. In his free time, he likes to play guitar and obsess about The Beatles and reads Classical and Medieval European history.

Managed IT Company - Integritek

Chief Financial Officer (Ryan Betka)

As Chief Financial Officer, Ryan directs financial operations for Integritek, empowering our business to consistently deliver affordable, reliable, and high-quality services to our clients.

Ryan’s service-oriented finance career started as an auditor at Deloitte and continued in the biotech industry as a controller and analytics manager at Syngenta. Before joining Integritek, he also led the North American market for Figured, a New Zealand fintech startup.

Ryan is a graduate of the University of Nebraska and Stanford Graduate of Business as well as a CPA. Outside of work, he enjoys traveling to Europe with his wife, cheering on the Huskers, and spending time on his family’s farm.

Managed IT Company - Integritek

Director of Operations (James Smith)

As Director of Operations, James oversees and optimizes workflows, systems, and processes for Integritek that helps delight our clients through efficient support and business operations.

James has over a decade of experience working in the information technology industry, holding a variety of technical, non-technical, and leadership roles across multiple MSPs. Most recently, James served as a General Manager with Integritek where he led overall support and client success operations for our western region.

James got his start in technology by upgrading computers with his dad, and this passion has continues to fuel his endless desire to learn more about technology and how it can help drive business outcomes. Outside of work, James exemplifies the “jack of all trades” persona with a wide variety of hobbies ranging from gardening and woodworking to mycology and DIY engineering.

Managed IT Company - Integritek

Director of Technical Operations (William Kapes)

As the Director of Technical Operations, William oversees support operations for Integritek, actively collaborating with our technical teams to ensure responsive and reliable service delivery that consistently delights our clients.

William has nearly 20 years of experience in the IT industry, working across numerous MSPs over the course of his career. He has also worked at every level of a support team, providing his clients a deep breadth of industry that helps match the right technical solution with the desired business outcome.

William is a graduate of California State University, Northridge and holds numerous technical, industry, and vendor certifications. He is also an avid outdoors enthusiast who enjoys spending his time exploring the Pacific Northwest with his family and leading his local boy scout troop.

Managed IT Company - Integritek

Director of People (Joely Susann)

As the Director of People, Joely champions the employee experience at Integritek, bringing our people-first culture to life by leading initiatives that prioritize the well-being, development, and overall satisfaction of our valued team members.

Joely is a seasoned HR professional who has experience across a range of industries, including financial software, gaming, and information technology. She has a passion for people and has dedicated her career to create a space for employees where they can become a better version of themselves. She embodies the idea of people first as well as the qualities of empathy, communication, and understanding.

Joely is a graduate of the University of North Texas and is a SHRM Certified Professional. When she is not working, you will find her spending time with her family, road tripping, reading, or enjoying live comedy and music.

Managed IT Company - Integritek

General Manager (David Spencer)

As the General Manager, David Spencer leads regional operations for Integritek where he helps our clients find innovative ways to drive business outcomes through technology.

David has over a decade of experience working in the information technology industry and possess a unique blend of experience in managing business operations, providing technical support, and driving client success efforts. Most recently, David served as a Director of Technical Operations at Integritek before moving into his current role.

Aside from work, David yearns for adventure and finds joy in nurturing the talent of young athletes. You can often find him trail biking or coaching little league basketball.