VoIP for California Business: Why Businesses Are Adopting VoIP

Traditional phone systems have become less relevant for today's modern organizations because they often don't meet today’s business standards. Modern businesses require customization, scalability and affordability to enhance productivity and stay competitive in their markets which is not something that is easy to do with traditional phone systems without burning through lots of cash. However, Voice over Internet Protocol or VoIP services help drive businesses forward thanks to its ability to provide a whole host of benefits that California businesses can leverage. Here a few reasons why they continue to make the switch and adopt VoIP:


It's important to choose a phone service that can support your business as it grows over time, especially with the various phone service options available. Businesses continue to adopt VoIP services for businesses thanks to its ability to support multiple phone calls simultaneously and its multifunctional capabilities. You can integrate VoIP services with a variety of applications and operating systems with ease to support multiple functions. For example, Integritek offers features that provide a myriad of options to help support your business as it grows, such as conference calls, integrated voice mail and an automated system attendant.


VoIP systems’ affordability is a driving factor in the adoption of VoIP services among California Businesses. With traditional phone systems, expenses can add up very quickly when you reach a certain level of call volume or make long distance calls. But VoIP services can help to reduce these added expenses. How? Integritek’s VoIP business service includes unlimited long distance calls and unlimited inbound and outbound calls to help you avoid overages and free HD VoIP phones for each user!

More Features Than Traditional Phone Services

VoIP services also offer more features than traditional phone services, such as added customer support, warranty repair service and monitoring services. For instance, you can get uptime monitoring services 24 hours a day, seven days a week when you use Integritek's VoIP service. Integritek's lifetime warranty replacement makes it simple to work worry-free so you can have peace of mind should your phone ever need repair.

You even get free updates, upgrades and VoIP phones with high-definition sound and a high-resolution display with your Integritek VoIP business service. You also don't have to worry about sacrificing access to make local emergency calls since Integritek's VoIP business phone systems provide local emergency number access.


If you want to optimize your communication platform, then it's important to have a plan that is flexible enough to grow with your business size and goals. If you need a few more phones in the office, set up is quick and easy. Have a team that is on the go? Integritek’s service even provides mobile access that can accommodate your remote teams. Let Integritek VoIP specialists tailor your business phone services to the features you need.


It's important to ensure the phone services you use can port the various phone numbers you need. Integritek makes it easy to keep your existing business lines thanks to the support provided during the process. And Integritek's help desk support for end users also provides the assistance needed during the transition, for a seamless number portability experience. It's also a smart way to manage your communication services, especially if you're managing multiple lines or just starting your business.

Final Thoughts

Today’s business phones can help you improve your productivity and, ultimately, increase your bottom line. So, it's important to use a phone service that can help you reach your business goals. From round-the-clock up-time monitoring to unlimited long distance, Integritek makes it easy to conduct business and take advantage of all the benefits of VoIP without worrying about unexpected expenses or accessing help when you need it the most.