“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of the cure.” Ben Franklin’s advice still rings true. At Integritek, it has always been our goal to identify and correct issues before they become work stopping problems.


With Integritek’s 24×7 monitoring and scanning, unplanned outages are detected and addressed in real time so, your focus can remain on other issues.


Integritek responds quickly. From the moment disaster strikes, Integritek implements a pre-defined protocol to get you back up and running in a predictable time frame.

In addition to the loss of business from any disaster, consider the toll of these potential impacts:

  • Overtime and Outsourcing
  • Unexpected fines and penalties
  • Customer trust and reputation damage
  • Health and well being

Losing part of your day to downtime is disrupting enough, but what if an afternoon becomes days or even weeks? The importance of ensuring the continued operation of your IT systems is paramount. The proper preparation for business continuity and recovery of systems is vital. While many disaster recovery solutions typically involve a significant investment of time and money, Integritek handles everything professionally and very economically.

Protect your data 24-7-365. Integritek ONE Plan clients receive up to 4TB of off-site backup. Your servers’ content is backed-up automatically at customizable intervals throughout the day. Should the worst happen, Integritek can set you up on a temporary virtual server. Within a few hours you have virtual access to all your company data. Once your hardware is repaired or replaced, we seamlessly transition from the virtual server back to your original or new hardware.

Regardless of your business size, you need reliable, regularly tested data backup and recovery. Integritek provides that and the confidence of continuity. We will diagnose the current integrity of your network as part of our IT Network Assessment. Reach out to us and schedule yours today.

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