Dark Web Scanning: Do You Really Need It?

Many companies have been on the fence about whether they should do dark web scanning or not. Cyber security is always a vital necessity for businesses of all sizes. However, how do you know if it is a strong enough threat that is worth spending time and resources on? In this article, we’ll take a quick look into what the dark web is, how it can affect you, and what you should do about it.

What Is the Dark Web?

The dark web is actually a part of the internet. However, it is not visible to normal search engines. In order to access it, a special browser is needed which protects one’s identity and information. People on the dark web can buy credit card numbers, counterfeit money, and hacked bank accounts. In many cases, when a data breach or identity theft has occurred, the stolen information makes it to the dark web to be sold.

What Is A Dark Web Scan?

A dark web scan searches the dark web for your private personal or business information to determine if your information is being sold online. With data breaches becoming increasingly common, protecting your business by implementing dark web scans into your cyber security procedures is becoming necessary — now more than ever before. You owe it to your customers to protect their information as much as your own. It is one thing to have your business’s information breached, but it is quite another to have the personal information of your clients exposed. If your clients don’t feel their sensitive information is safe and protected, they are not going to do business with you.

Importance of Dark Web Scanning

While data that has already been distributed on the dark web can’t be removed, you can take steps immediately to prevent further breaches by seeing what is already out there. Once you have identified what is already out there, only then will you be able to take effective measures to ensure no further information will be stolen. Once a potential breach has been identified, you can then take action to ensure that security measures are put in place where the information was previously accessed and compromised. The people on the dark web should not be able to access anything if they are working on information which is now out of date.

How Dark Web Scanning Can Help Protect Your Business Data

While it is 20 times more likely that information available for sale comes from a company breach the media did not report about, dark web scanning can help protect your business data no matter what size you are. Breaches in cybersecurity can be costly and even threaten the survival of the company. Not only could your company face potential lawsuits, but also a mandatory forensic investigation. The cost of healthcare data breaches is one of the highest

. Having the right IT experts in place is vital to helping prevent breaches and potential lawsuits in the future.

Why You Need IT Experts to Scan the Dark Web

If you are a business owner, you don’t have time and resources to do everything yourself. The vast majority of staff IT personnel are not equipped with the tools or expertise necessary to manage all the users on your network, let alone perform dark web scanning to improve your company’s cyber security.

This is why choosing the right IT company to manage your network, mitigate IT risks, and perform dark web scans will greatly help your company stay secure and operate efficiently. There are many IT companies to choose from, but finding the company that is reliable, trustworthy, and has a price structure that is predictable is key.

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