Why Your Employees Need Cyber Security Training

Many cyber security strategies focus on keeping attackers out of the network, but your employees are your biggest risk factor. CNBC reports that 47 percent of business leaders had encountered human error related data breaches. Cyber security training for everyone in your organization alleviates these problems and strengthens your IT security strategy.

Email Security

Hackers use phishing to trick employees into installing malware to the business network. They create messages that sound convincing to someone that isn't familiar with this type of social engineering method. Going over the tell-tale signs of a phishing attempt helps employees identify these emails and avoid falling victim to them.

File Transfers

Many platforms streamline the file transfer and sharing process, which is both good and bad. It's great for improving collaboration between authorized parties, but it can lead to situations where the files are prone to compromise. A file transfer policy that goes over the potential dangers of moving files to unsecure services and devices, as well as the proper method for working with documents, reduces the cyber security risk.

Employees also need to use authorized applications only. Due to the popularity of cloud computing, many organizations end up with a Shadow IT environment. Workers turn to applications they use personally on their devices to handle their work tasks. Your IT team lacks oversight into the account access and activities that happen on these public services.

Precautions and Best Practices

Never assume that everyone in the organization has the necessary cyber security knowledge to keep your business safe. If you haven't trained them as part of the onboarding process, it's safer to assume that they have a limited understanding of the potential risks.

Put a comprehensive cyber security awareness training program in place to instill the importance of these measures into your staff. Rather than being a security liability, they end up being a strength that prevents human error driven breaches.

The Data Breach

A data breach can damage to your reputation, be financially crippling, cause employee frustration, and be disruptive to operations. Completely fixing the data breach is a resource-intensive process. Many businesses do not recover from cyber security attacks.

The best defense is prevention. An IT company, such as Integritek, will proactively manage and monitor your network addressing IT issues before they become problems. An MSP company gives your organization more cyber security resources to work with.

Few employees intentionally cause data breaches. Most of the time, they're operating from a place of ignorance about cyber security measures. By training and testing them on relevant information, you improve your infrastructure and lower the chances of human error.

Hiring a trustworthy IT company is key to efficiency and security. Unfortunately, many companies let their staff go it alone, trying to fix everything and prevent risks with minimal resources and experience. A world-class team of expert cyber security engineers with the tools and resources of an army is included with Integritek’s monthly flat rate. So, why risk your company’s security when you can have the combined knowledge of an entire team for you all for less than the cost of one full time hire?

Contact Integritek today to get a Cyber Security Assessment and find out how they can keep your business secure!