How to Recognize Tech Support Scams

Do you and your employees know how to recognize a tech support scam? If you are unfamiliar with the term, a tech support scam usually looks like this: the phone rings unexpectedly, you answer, the caller claims to be a representative from Microsoft or Apple, and you’re given the news that your device is infected with a virus. You are informed that you must take immediate action to resolve it, or put your business network at risk. You are caught off guard, and starting to panic. The caller assures you that they can resolve the issue once you grant them remote access to your device. They may claim that they require sensitive information, like credit card details, date of birth, and a social security number, opening the door to potential identity theft and fraudulent charges. A tech support scam is a recipe for one headache after another.

When the hackers gain remote access to your device, the real trouble begins. By tricking one user, they can infiltrate an entire business network. How does this work? First, they may begin by changing the device’s settings to disable security features so that they can create further vulnerabilities. They then start to explore the device for other weaknesses. For example, many of us leave our accounts logged in at all times. With remote access to your device, a hacker can start monitoring the user’s work emails to find other ways to attack a business. From there, one next step could be sending emails with malicious attachments through an employee’s account, infecting more and more users across your business.

These scams are not only very common, they are also extremely effective. Many users fall prey to this type of phishing attack because hackers use known social engineering tactics to trick their targets. By claiming to be from a trusted company like Apple or Microsoft, the hackers are able to take advantage of the relationship you have with those companies. Through inciting a sense of panic, the hackers are hoping to cloud your judgment before you start to question them. They depend on anxiety, fear, and user error.

What can you do in the face of this common threat? It only takes one phone call to cause a problem that could affect your entire network. Luckily, it only takes one phone call to start protecting your business today. Get in touch with Integritek and ask us about tech support scams and how to minimize your risk. We have a robust suite of services to secure your network. We can walk you through the steps we will take to enhance your cybersecurity, and work with you to build a plan so that you know what steps to take if anyone on your team falls prey to a tech support scam. The first step is knowing who to trust. If any of your employees get a suspicious tech support call, they can always hang up and call Integritek instead. With us on your side, you can be confident that you have the IT support you need to protect your business. Contact Integritek today!