Employees Putting Your Company At Risk

On most days, the internet is a company's best friend, allowing your employees to efficiently process data, deal with vendors and offer excellent customer services. On a bad day, the internet can allow hackers to access and steal your data, costing your company money and its reputation. While employees know they need to be careful, even your best workers can put your company at risk through careless internet practices.

Internet Pitfalls

Your employees may inadvertently be exposing your company to being hacked by doing the following:

Creating Bad Passwords

Undoubtedly, you've trained your employees on how to create and store passwords. You can be certain that they did not all listen. It is difficult to create and remember secure passwords since they need to be complex. They should ideally be a random assortment of at least 12 upper and lower case letters, numbers and special symbols. The same password should not be used for more than one program, either. Like many busy people, your employees may be using short, easy-to-remember passwords for multiple accounts, making it easy for hackers to access your information.

Careless E-mail Use

Phishing is rampant in private and business email. A phishing email is one that tricks people into offering private information. For instance, you might get an email warning that your bank account has been hacked and urging you to follow a link to reset your password. Of course, the site is fake, but the hackers learn your info. The same method can be used to get employee account information, allowing hackers to access vital data, including client information.

Malware Files

Your employees may open an attachment on an email that seems to be legit only to find that it contains a virus or malware. These attacks can freeze up your system or allow hackers access to important data.


Employee training is essential to stop these problems. You can help them create and then store their passwords in a safe computer "wallet." In addition, you need to set up a protocol for opening unfamiliar files and periodically warn employees of current phishing activity. Of course, you also need the best virus and malware protection available.

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