“We Have Hired a Quality Company”

“Your services are prompt and customer oriented. Ease of mind knowing that we have hired a quality company that has made their goal “top quality performance and customer service”!

Judy H. | Veterinarian | Atlanta, Georgia

“I Like Knowing What Our IT Support Costs
Are Going to Be”

“Reliable quality service. I don’t worry that our IT company might not be there when I really need them. (And that has not always been the case in the past). Monthly flat rate for services. Some months we don’t ‘talk’ to you at all, but other we might have a lot of hours. I like knowing what our IT support costs are going to be and that they’re not just a ticking taxi meter.”

Catherine K. | Architecture | Denver, Colorado

“The Phone is Always Picked Up Quickly”

“Quick technical resolutions and gaining increased technical knowledge. …The phone is always picked up quickly. The urgent technical option makes me feel like my technical questions or issues are important and will be addressed quickly.”

Afra K. | Information Services | Orange, California

“Exceptional Customer Service”

“The Integritek staff is always willing to undertake unusual challenges. Exceptional customer service.”

Richard P. | Employment Center | Menomonie, Wisconsin

“Competent, Prompt, Friendly, Fair”

“You went to bat for me…I was handling all of the IT and although I like being involved with it, I needed to hand it off to gain time elsewhere. Competent, prompt, friendly, fair.”

Stephen N. | Law Firm | Carrollton, Texas

“I Don’t Stress Over IT Anymore.”

“Very prompt, friendly and knowledgeable. I don’t stress over IT anymore.”

Cheryl S. | Accounting Firm | Austin, Texas

“Real Experience”

“Previously we had an internal IT that was mostly just internal/attained knowledge over time, so an actual company with real experience, equipment, etc., has been much more helpful.”

JC J. | Fulfillment & Fabrication | Denton, Texas

“The Help Desk is an Awesome Resource!”

“Our network is consistently healthy, we have current technology…we don’t patch stuff to get by…which prevents/minimizes problems down the road. …The Help Desk is an awesome resource!  We can call anytime for phone support or to schedule an onsite visit. We’ve been a customer for over five years…they know our network and office workflow inside and out.”

Teresa M. | Accounting Firm | Broomfield, Colorado

“Rapid Response to Any Issue”

“Peace of mind… Your rapid response to any issue and getting to the bottom of every problem.”

Jeffrey M. | Legal Services | Encino, California

“Quick Response Time”

“Quick response time, friendly technicians, ability to submit tickets online. Willingness to help out with out-of-the ordinary requests and reports needed for regulation purposes.”

Kelly W. | Financial Institution | Austin, Texas


“Seamless transitions for our larger IT projects.”

Geralyn H. | Healthcare | Georgetown, Texas

“Like Having Long Term Employees”

“Local service is usually quick to respond when needed or emergencies arise limiting down time. …Like having long term employees who know our account provide our service.”

Elizabeth K. | Contractor | Smyrna, Georgia

“Phone and Service Rolled into One Package”

“The price is very good plus we got the phone and service rolled into one package.”

Wendy J. | Human Resources | Lakeway, Texas

“I Can Contact Someone Whenever There are Technological Glitches”

“The peace of mind I have knowing I can contact someone whenever there are technological glitches/issues and they will be resolved. I don’t have to worry or panic when things don’t operate well and the relief, I have knowing my system is protected and monitored.”

Bethany M. | Designer | Austin, Texas

“Personal Touch”

“You have allowed us to be able to concentrate on our business, knowing that you are taking care of our IT concerns. I am pleased with the level of service…prompt attention to your clients. Personal touch.”

Julie R. | Law Firm | Marietta, Georgia

“Prompt Service”

“Prompt service and they do not insist on trying to spend long periods of time working remotely. If it is complicated, the technician comes to the office. Keep it up.”

Lisa B. | Real Estate | Atlanta, Georgia

“Less Stress for Me”

“Peace of mind, knowing your software’s and staff are monitoring things. Less stress for me, instead of me having to goggle issues for resolutions… They are very willing to help and are knowledgeable.”

Norma D. | Contractor | Denver, Colorado

“Willing to go The Extra Mile”

“Good pricing. Comprehensive service.
Knowledgeable staff willing to go the extra mile.”

Tamara A. | Designer | Dallas, Texas

“Get the Problem Solved the First Time

“Prompt response times for service calls. Service techs are knowledgeable and get the problem solved the first time. Techs are able to also help with evaluation of new computer equipment systems. …Great time savings… Less frustration when a computer problem is encountered.”

Craig H. | Accounting Firm | Dallas, Texas

“Confidence in Our IT”

“Quality customer service. We have confidence in our IT thanks to the Integritek team.”

Jasmine C. | Law Firm | Austin, Texas

“You Are There 24 Hours a Day”

“That you are there 24 hours a day…Not having to deal with eClinical technical support and being able to call anytime we are having computer problems. I used to have to handle all the computer problems myself and that took a lot of time away from doing my work in the office!”

Denese P. | Surgical Center | Austin, Texas

“Full IT Service”

“Full IT service. Preventing major loss of revenue from computer malfunctions.”

Dr. A. | Dental Services | Round Rock, Texas

“Very Few IT Related Headaches”

“Very few IT related headaches. When we do have them, you get rid of them fast.”

Michael F. | Architecture Firm | Austin, Texas

“Consistent and Reliable Service”

“The convenience of a large technical team for the things that I am unqualified to resolve and when I am on vacation. …Consistent and reliable service.”

Janet S | Church | Fairburn & Peachtree City, Georgia

“Very Good”

“The response time has always been very good.”

Joe M. | Real Estate | Anderson, South Carolina

“Willingness to Help!”

“Quick Service…How friendly everyone is, calm nature and willingness to help!”

Teresa G. | Ophthalmologist | Columbus, Ohio

“Keep Hiring Great Techs!!”

“Friendly and helpful…keeping us running smoothly. Keep hiring great techs!!”

Valerie Y. | Engineering Firm | Crosswords, Texas

“I Like the Responsiveness”

“More time to get my work completed. …I like the responsiveness of the Help Desk in working with the end users.”

Daniel H. | Education | Denver, Colorado

“Reliable Phone Service”

“Reliable phone service…It’s everything our office needs.”

Jessica M. | Law Firm | Irving, Texas

“Knowledgeable Staff”

“Professional, friendly, & knowledgeable staff.”

Vicki S. | Church | Austin, Texas

“One of The Best Decisions We Made!!”

“Having IT support available 24/7. Hiring Integritek five years ago was one of the best decisions we made!! Confidence knowing Integritek is there to assist our staff in a timely manner no matter what the issue is. Having both our IT and phone service all in one place is extremely helpful”

Denise M. | Construction | Austin, Texas

“I Have So Much More Time Now”

“They work with me to solve the problems, sure, but they do so in a way that in conversational and allows me to learn why issues have occurred. This is important as I have a technical management role in my company and need to keep abreast of what is happening and why…I have so much more time now to handle critical engineering and broadcast functions for my company!”

Phil P. | Radio Station | Austin, Texas

“Keep Hiring Great Techs!!”

“Friendly and helpful…keeping us running smoothly. Keep hiring great techs!!”